Just as we inspire our pupils to have the courage to be ambitious for their futures and to fulfil their potential, we also need to be bold in the case we make for our charitable purpose.

When our benefactor Gifford Sherman Reade made the decision nearly one hundred years ago to gift the Holbrook estate, he hoped that his support and passion for a new School ‘may prove an incentive to others’. He also knew that it would fall to future generations to apply the School’s mission to new challenges and opportunities.

On these pages you can explore ways to get involved and to help us secure the School’s legacy for the future be it through a donation or offering your time and expertise. It starts with a conversation. Please visit, call or email the Development Office to explore how you would like to make a difference.

"When we connect a gifted child to the legacy of our School we provide an attachment to purpose, a bedrock in their formative years from which curiosity, drive and resilience flourishes."

Professor Bernard de Neumann (Nelson, 1961)
RHS Benefactor

RHS Legacy Bursary

Connect the descendants of the School to its future.

We are seeking to establish a £15 million endowment by 2033.

The aim of this fund is to honour our legacy by reaching gifted children with charitable need and with a strong focus on those who have a historical connection to the School and seafaring but no longer qualify for a Greenwich Seafarers' Bursary. With your support we can transform lives by offering greater access to our all-round education.

Support the Legacy Bursary Fund through regular giving:

Support the Legacy Bursary Fund by making a legacy pledge:

To explore making a one off gift or legacy pledge please contact:
Simon Marsh, Director of Development
01473 326150

Holbrook Capital Development Fund

Inspire pupils by transforming our facilities.

We are seeking to invest £7.5 million of expendable income from donations in the School’s capital development plan by 2033.

With your support we can realise the true potential of our estate through a series of phased capital developments starting with a new library and social space.

Explore our current capital development priority:

The Learning Hub

Support the Holbrook Capital Development Fund through regular giving:

To explore making a one off major/naming gift please contact:
Simon Marsh, Director of Development
01473 326150

Pathways to Leadership Programme

Help our pupils stand out from the crowd.

We are looking to recruit and support up to 100 active volunteers to inspire our pupils to be ambitious for their futures and help them prepare for life after RHS. We would appreciate your participation in alumni lectures, careers activities, mentoring and work placements and professional networking.

Explore an opportunity today and contact:
Lucy Pembroke
01473 326150

Pupil Life

Make a difference to the education of our children right here right now.

We want to provide our pupils with regular funding for a wide range of immediate need projects, including innovations in the classroom, equipment for sports and societies, and the piloting of new activities. With your support we can ensure that the aspirations of our teaching staff to deliver the very best to our pupils are not constrained.

Support Pupil Life today through regular giving:

Donor Report

To find out more about the difference you are making and the impact of your support we will be publishing a donor report. The inaugural report is planned to be released in October 2018:

DONOR REPORT - coming soon


20 JUN 2018

Thanks to gifts from over 100 former pupils, parents and staff we have now achieved our initial target of £60,000 to fund at least one full Sixth Form RHS Legacy Bursary. This effort was launched in 2016 by former pupils with a passion for offering access to RHS' all round education to children with charitable need. We are grateful for every contribution be it your regular donations, legacy pledges, collections at reunions or purchasing the fantastic 801 wrist band at Army V Navy 2018!

The £60,000 raised so far will provide a bursary for a child with charitable need and with a preference for a gifted child with a connection to the School's alumni, seafaring or ethos. This child, the first ever pupil to be entirely funded through the generosity of the RHS community, will be supported from the 2019/20 academic year. The School is grateful to the RHSA for beginning this journey. We are now working in partnership to raise the necessary funds to support children through their entire school education from 11 to 18 years. Our ambition is bold but achievable. We are seeking to establish a permanent RHS Legacy Bursary Fund of at least £15 million in time for the Holbrook Centenary in 2033.

You can get on board through regular giving and by encouraging others . To find more information, explore a legacy pledge or to make a one off gift, please contact Simon Marsh, Director of Development,, 01473 326150.

Development Office
01473 326150