A full list of school uniform and equipment for boarders and day pupils will be sent you on acceptance of an offer of a place. Alternatively, you can download the School Uniform & Equipment list.

iPads and Laptops

The RHS iPad Scheme (Years 7-11)

All pupils in Years 7 to 11 are required to have an iPad as part of their school equipment. These are used in the classroom under the guidance of experienced teachers, as part of a careful blend of progressive educational technology and traditional teaching methods. They are also excellent learning tools which encourage independent learning, inquisitiveness and an appetite for knowledge.

iPads are been embedded in our teaching and learning at the Royal Hospital School and we are committed to this approach. The school has been recognised as a beacon school for technology, as an Apple Regional Training Centre and through 360 degree Online Safety Mark accreditation.

There is full Wi-Fi access across the site and our systems have been configured so that pupils can safely and securely use their iPad to communicate through authorised online channels such as email and task manager, manage their time effectively and have full access to document files and resources.

Through significant advances in both software and hardware, our teachers and pastoral staff are able to take a greater level of control over pupils' school devices. In the classroom this is through the use of Apple's Classroom app and using Bluetooth technology which enables teachers to control the use of apps and the network. This reduces the level of digital distraction, thereby increasing the emphasis on the iPad as a tool for learning.

iPads will be supplied by the school on a lease agreement and, as part of a termly hire cost, a protective case, security software and an iPad protection scheme covering accidental damage, fire and theft (but not loss) are included. These devices should be used for school work only and will be configured and distributed to new pupils at the start of term.

The school also supplies pupils with relevant educational apps and online text books and can restrict VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and apply age-related security and filtering systems.


What if I already have an iPad?
All new pupils will need to participate in this scheme to access a device that can be used in class. If your child already owns an iPad, they can use this for non-school purposes. In connecting to the school network these personal devices will be protected by the same security and filtering systems.

What model iPad will it be?
The model will be the iPad 128GB and will include a protective case. As the devices are renewed every three years, your son or daughter will have access to an up-to-date machine, properly supported and capable of operating the apps that the school will be using for educational purposes.

How secure will it be?
Very. As well as the normal age-related security and filtering systems, the school will define the apps available to pupils. This will enable us to restrict the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) which can potentially be used to bypass security arrangements at the school.

Will my son or daughter get a brand new iPad?
Yes, on joining the school in September. After the specified three year replacement period, there will inevitably be occasions when the iPad made available will not necessarily be new but all devices will be less than three years old and will only remain in the pool if they are fit for purpose as an educational support tool for your child.

What will it cost?
£50 per term which includes a protective case, security software and an iPad protection scheme covering accidental damage, fire and theft (but not loss).

What if the iPad is lost or damaged?
The iPad will be insured for accidental damage, fire and theft. Should an iPad be lost by a child then the cost of replacing the device will be charged to the parents but this could be covered by personal insurance taken out by the parents.

Does the scheme apply to sixth formers?
No. Many will prefer the traditional organisation systems of a laptop and we find that most educational apps and subscription services are available as browser versions.

Laptops (Years 12 and 13)

Sixth Form pupils do not need a school iPad but are likely to need some kind of mobile device such as a laptop or tablet. We do not have a policy regarding the type of technology our Sixth Form pupils should use but have recognised that most are choosing a laptop alongside a smartphone rather than an iPad.

Sixth Form pupils with their own devices will be provided with network access, printing support, Office 365 and OneDrive cloud storage solutions by the school.

Other School Equipment

  • A school bag (rucksack) large enough to hold A4 folders is compulsory for all pupils in Years 7-9
  • Pencil case
  • Writing pen
  • Set of fibre tips
  • Set of pencils
  • Set of coloured pencils
  • Ruler (at least 30cm)
  • Geometry set containing protracter, compasses and 2 set squares
  • Scientific calculator (can be purchased through the school's Mathematics Department at a cost of £9 each or through Schoolblazer)

School Shoes

Boys' shoes must be of black leather that can be polished and suitable for all weather conditions. They must be plain black, laced or slip-on formal shoes with no buckles or decorations. In the Sixth Form they should be in keeping with a business-style suit.

Girls in Years 7-11 must wear plain black flat shoes, which can be polished. They must be lace-up, slip-on or with a strap, and must have a sturdy sole suitable for all weather conditions; strapless pumps or fabric shoes are not acceptable. The same rules apply for Sixth Form but shoes should be in keeping with a business-style suit; patent leather and small heel (1.5 inches) are permitted.

Ceremonial Uniforms

One naval uniform (worn for ceremonial occasions) including shoes will be provided and fitted by the school. Any damage to this uniform which is not a result of fair wear and tear, will lead to additional costs. Parents of girls should provide hair accessories, if necessary e.g. black or dark blue hair bands, scrunchies and a bun net and grips to match colour of hair.

Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Uniforms

A CCF uniform (where appropriate) is provided by the school and issued to pupils in Year 9 and 10 and those who have opted to do CCF in Year 11 and above. Any damage to this uniform which is not a result of fair wear and tear, will lead to additional costs. Both boarders and day pupils should keep their CCF uniform at school. A charge will be made for boots, jungle hat and CCF name tapes.


The majority of the Royal Hospital School uniform is available online through an independent school uniform provider, Schoolblazer, at www.schoolblazer.com. This is an easy-to-use website with a unique intelligent sizing system and a free name-taping service.

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