A full list of school uniform and equipment for boarders and day pupils will be sent you on acceptance of an offer of a place. Alternatively, you can download the School Uniform & Equipment List.


The majority of school uniform and sportswear is available to purchase online from an independent retailer, Schoolblazer, which offers an intelligent sizing system and free name-taping service. Please visit www.schoolblazer.com to set up your account.


All pupils are required to have an iPad as part of their school equipment. These are used in the classroom under the guidance of experienced teachers, as part of a careful blend of progressive education technology and traditional teaching methods. They are also excellent learning tools which encourage independent learning, inquisitiveness and an appetite for knowledge. The result is outstanding pupils engagement and the opportunity to provide differentiated learning. Our most recent ISI report praised pupils' use of ICT and stated that our mobile learning scheme has "greatly increased opportunities for independent learning and has allowed them to think creatively."

The School site has full Wi-Fi access and our systems have been configured so that pupils can use their iPad to communicate easily, manage their time effectively and have full access to all resources, at their fingertips.

Pupils are also able to:

  • Access documents and files stored on the School network
  • Save files of any type created on the iPad to the user's home folder on the network
  • Download and install a profile that configures the user's machine to receive software from the School, access School email and subscribe to the calendar
  • Print to designated printers in the School over Wi-Fi
  • Easily receive prep notifications and submit completed tasks
  • Synchronize their timetable with iPad pupil app

iPads can be purchased from the School with payment split across two terms, along with an optional extended warranty and an iPad protection scheme covering accidental damage. These will be configured and distributed to new pupils at the start of term.

Other School Equipment

  • School bag (rucksack) large enough to hold A4 folders is compulsory for all pupils in Years 7-9
  • Pencil case
  • Writing pen
  • Set of fibre tips
  • Set of pencils
  • Set of coloured pencils
  • Ruler (at least 30cm)
  • Geometry set containing protracter, compasses and 2 set squares
  • Scientific calculator (can be purchased through Schoolblazer)

School Shoes

Boys' shoes must be of black leather that can be polished and suitable for all weather conditions. They must be plain black, laced or slip-on formal shoes with no buckles or decorations. In Sixth Form they should be keeping with a business-style suit.

Girls in Years 7-11 must wear plain black flat shoes, which can be polished. They must be lace-up, slip-on or with a strap, and must have a sturdy sole suitable for all weather conditions; strapless pumps or fabric shoes are not acceptable. The same rules apply for Sixth Form but shoes should be in keeping with a business-style suit; patent leather and small heel (1.5 inches) are permitted.

Ceremonial Uniforms

One naval uniform (worn for ceremonial occasions) including shoes will be provided and fitted by the School. Any damage to this uniform which is not a result of fair wear and tear, will lead to additional costs. Parents of girls should provide hair accessories, if necessary e.g. black or dark blue hair bands, scrunchies and a bun net and grips to match colour of hair.

Combined Cadet Force (CCF) Uniforms

A CCF uniform is, where appropriate provided by the School and issued to pupils in Year 9 and above. Any damage to this uniform which is not a result of fair wear and tear, will lead to additional costs. Both boarders and day pupils should keep their CCF uniform at school. A charge will be made for boots, jungle hat and CCF name tapes.

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