Sixth Form boy and girl boarders and day pupils

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Housemaster Mr T Carleston
Housemistress Miss J Condliffe
House Matron Mrs C Clark
Resident Assistant Mr S Havers

In their final year of Sixth Form, all boys and girls, boarders and day pupils, are accommodated in Nelson House, where pupils are encouraged to be more independent, with the aim of preparing them for life beyond school. One wing of the house is for girls and the other for boys, with central common room areas, kitchens, laundry room and quiet study rooms for day pupils.

From the Housemistress and Housemaster of Nelson

In the final year of the RHS Sixth Form pupils move to Nelson House which brings together boys, girls, boarders and day pupils, all under one roof, enabling them to work towards their A Levels in a purposeful environment.

We join RHS this year to lead Nelson House, as well as to work in the English, Drama and Music departments. Jess has spent the last five years as Upper Sixth Housemistress, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, and Head of Partnerships and Outreach at St George’s School, Ascot, and before that spent five years teaching at Battle Abbey School where Jess was Housemistress of a Day House and spent a year as Acting Head of Sixth Form, including managing the entire UCAS process for two consecutive cycles. We have joined RHS, leaving Windsor Castle, where Tim was a Lay Clerk for twelve years, singing and performing in St George’s Chapel but also around the world with choirs and ensembles; he was also a founding member of The Queen’s Six. Tim has taught music (voice and trumpet) in a number of schools including St George’s Windsor, Harrow and The Oratory; he has supported pupils pastorally for more than twenty years. With us, we have brought Paddy and Raff, our two young boys who are both full of fun and great character.

During their time in Nelson, pupils enter a single year group operation, and their ultimate goal is to secure academic grades to enter adult life beyond school. Nelson House provides pupils with a managed environment that will allow them to prepare for adult life, the demands of university life and the world of work. It is a year in which pupils are given greater responsibility, whilst benefitting from excellent guidance and support from our experienced duty staff, to fulfil their potential academically, and achieve strong qualifications to enable them to access future opportunities in life after RHS.

We have a talented resident assistant tutor in Nelson: Mr Simon Havers, who joined RHS in 2020. Having graduated with BSc Geography from the University of Worcester and Reading University, Mr Havers spent time working as a resident tutor in a school in New Zealand, where he also became actively involved in school and regional sport. At RHS, Mr Havers teaches Geography, as well as coaching Rugby, Hockey and Cricket. The other first point of contact during the school day is Nelson’s wonderful Matron, Mrs Colleen Clark, who has been at RHS for 21 years, first in Collingwood House and latterly Nelson. Her daughter Emily went through RHS and her brother is also an alumnus from the 1980s.

Our greatest expectations of all members of Nelson House are effort, enthusiasm and participation. Academic outcomes are the clear focus of Year 13, however, pupils are encouraged to immerse themselves in the numerous opportunities RHS can provide; in the classroom, on the sports field, in co-curricular activities, in Chapel and in our Heritage. There is also ample opportunity to give back to the school community, volunteering to lead activities or organise events. This willingness to participate whilst broadening the experiences of other pupils in this school community can be extremely enriching and meaningful.

Alongside this, we hold a variety of exclusive social events; both formal and informal. Our aim is to develop their individual style of self-management so that pupils can take responsibility for their choices and achieve a balance between work and leisure.

A year in Nelson is one that we aim to make meaningful, purposeful and memorable. It provides a fabulous opportunity, under guidance, to make sure that pupils enter adult life as well-rounded and prepared as they can be.

Jess Condliffe and Tim Carleston
Housemistress and Housemaster