Years 8 to 12 Girl Boarders

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Housemistress Mrs J Marvell
House Matron Mrs V Johnstone
Resident Assistant Ms TK Shopova

Year 8 girl boarders moving up from Blake House or new girl boarders entering the school at 13+ enter one of two girls’ senior boarding houses (Hood and Howe), each with around 45 boarding pupils. There are leisure facilities that include day rooms, social rooms, kitchens, television rooms, a computer room and a house library. Each boarder has his or her own self-contained working and sleeping accommodation. Pupils will be accommodated in four-bedded or double rooms, depending on their year group.  


From the Housemistress of HOWE (FROM SEPTEMBER 2022)

Howe House provides boarding for around 50 girls from across the globe and is their home in the School where they can come to relax, recharge and regroup with their extended family. Known for its diversity and sociability, Howe provides a community girls can draw upon and be supported by, where each individual is valued, respected and cared for.

Our aim is to create a relaxed and friendly environment from which the girls can step out ready to embrace any challenges with a smile on their face and the knowledge they have the full support of Howe behind them. The girls of Howe have a strong sense of loyalty and this enables them to take full advantage of the many and varied opportunities provided at the School. Within the house new girls will have a ‘buddy’ to support them and will also be part of a ‘family’ formed from a mixture of year groups.  These dedicated support networks  offer advice and guidance from peers, in addition to that provided by the house team of academic staff, and creates strong bonds between the years. 

Essential to life in the boarding house is the house team and that is particularly strong in Howe. Vanessa Johnstone is our resident matron and the beating heart of the house, always there to support the girls in all aspects of their daily life, whether that be providing a needle to darn a sock, a tissue to dry your eyes or tuck for when chocolate is the best solution. The resident tutor is Spanish teacher Tereza Shopova, always brimming with enthusiasm and a ready smile to brighten our days, she provides the girls with invaluable academic and pastoral support.

Shared experiences are what makes life in a boarding house special, whether that be celebrating an academic, sporting or creative achievement, or collapsing in a pile of cushions after a busy week with a movie and a pizza.  The girls in Howe are encouraged to be resilient, aspirational and, above all, kind. From this environment of mutual support and respect, we hope they leave us with the confidence to follow their dreams, whatever they may be. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Howe to meet the girls and our team.

Jude Marvell