Years 8 to 12 Girl boarders

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Housemistress Mrs N Skau
House Matron Miss J Mason
Resident Assistant Miss IC Taylor Payne

Year 8 girl boarders moving up from Blake House or new girl boarders entering the school at 13+ enter one of two girls’ senior boarding houses (Hood and Howe), each with around 60 boarding pupils. There are leisure facilities that include day rooms, table tennis and pool tables, kitchens, television rooms and a house library. Each boarder has his or her own self-contained working and sleeping accommodation. Pupils will be accommodated in four-bedded or double rooms, depending on their year group. 

From the Housemistress of Hood

Greetings from Hood - the house with the best view of the River Stour at RHS! I am Naomi Skau and I live with my family alongside the Hood girls at this fabulous school. We hope that we extend our family life into the life of the house (and vice versa) when we can. Andreas Skau is also a member of staff in the school, coaching and teaching basketball. Our son Jesper is at Holbrook Primary School and adores having a bundle of big sisters to share his playtime with, as does our daughter Annika. She is affectionately known in Hood as mini-Matron, as she likes to take Matron’s keys to sort out the linen cupboard!

We have a cheerful community of over 60 girls and we aim to create a supportive, friendly environment where every girl is happy to be herself, whist having the tolerance to allow others to do the same. The opportunities offered at RHS are many and varied and every girl is free to join in and contribute where she chooses. Academic success is of course of paramount importance, for good grades are the pathway to university or the world of work, but further to this their involvement in sports, drama, music, activities and societies and the wider social life of the school. This helps the girls to acquire and practise team communication alongside organisational skills and to gain confidence, which will be vital to their long-term career success and most importantly, happiness and fulfillment in whatever field they choose.

We regularly have the girls into our house for social events, which we believe helps them feel at home. Each Hood girl is also part of a ‘Family’ in the house. This is a mixture of girls from each year group (8-12) who they can ask questions of anytime. This smaller group is essential for the girls to feel a part of a large and energetic house, and for them to have those who they might feel a little closer to. We have times to share ideas, play games or give messages of encouragement to each other, to ensure support and affection are found throughout the house and to keep the girls going on those tough busy (windy) days.

My aim as a houseparent is to enable the girls to enjoy their time here. They will need to work hard, try new things and prepare to be challenged, but doing this with the willing smile, positive attitude and a desire to grow, the girls will discover who they are and who they want to become. I often ask them for feedback as to how we run the House and emphasise to them to think about their legacy on Hood and what their impact might be on others. Along the way, they are certain to make new friends from all over the world that they might just keep in touch with for the rest of their life!

You are welcome to visit our happy home!

Naomi Skau