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Housemistress Mrs NJ Mann
House Matron Miss LA Wilson
Resident Assistant Miss SA Ryan

Year 8 girl boarders moving up from Blake House or new pupils entering the School at 13+ enter one of three girls’ senior boarding houses (Anson, Hood and Howe), each with around 60 boarding pupils. There are leisure facilities that include day rooms, table tennis and pool tables, kitchens, television rooms and a house library. Each boarder has his or her own self-contained working and sleeping accommodation. Normally, Year 8 and 9 pupils will be in four-bedded rooms with bath and shower facilities nearby and those in Years 10, 11 and 12 will be in double or single study bedrooms with en-suite facilities.

From the Housemistress...

I am proud to be the Housemistress of Hood, one of three senior girls’ boarding houses at RHS. I previously taught at Elizabeth College in Guernsey and I am married to Rob who teaches Geography at Royal Hospital School. I have three sons- Charlie is in Year 11 at RHS and Ollie in Year 9. My youngest son, Will has just moved into Year 8.

Hood is a wonderful environment in which to learn and grow. We have developed home from home for the girls. In Hood, our ethos encourages loyalty, teamwork, commitment and a sense of responsibility, both within and beyond the House. We work hard to provide an environment which allows the girls to feel valued in all their endeavours. Consequently, the girls are caring, confident and considerate both to each other and the adults in the House. Girls learn to balance their commitments well, achieving very good academic results.

Hood also has a long tradition of success in sport and music and the girls and the team of staff supporting them are immensely proud of the achievements. The girls have contributed to a sustained run of Sports Day and Swimming Gala victories, as well as participation in house teams and school representative fixtures. It has been equally pleasing to see music flourish in the house, with many talented musicians involved in recitals and performances and our new Grand Piano facility regularly used.

The Hood team are keen to communicate with parents and to assist this we have established a range of well attended parent events including Bonfire Bangers and Mash, Mulled Wine at Christmas and Sports Day Barbecue. Our matron Lesley Wilson is an invaluable member of the house, her experience provides direct care, support and advice to the girls.

We look forward to meeting you.

Nicola Mann