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Housemaster Mr L Corbould
House Matron Mrs C Crick

Drake is a day house for boys and girls in Years 8 to 12 and includes areas for study, common rooms, lockable storage for games kit and changing facilities. The facilities provided are of the highest standard and specific to the needs of day pupils. The housemaster provides excellent pastoral care and academic guidance with the support of a team of tutors attached to the house. Day boys may request to stay overnight on an ad hoc basis in Collingwood, Hawke or St Vincent House and girls in Hood or Howe House.

From the Housemaster of Drake

Drake had a major face lift in 2017 and now boasts a modern, vibrant interior, incorporating state-of-the-art day house facilities, whilst the house still maintains its sense of history and warmth.

The pupils in Drake will be building on the ethos of the school with a clear sense of community and purpose. The mantra of ‘I’ am Drake is at the forefront focusing on the pillars of: Involvement, Inclusion, Integrity and Independence. All pupils in the house are encouraged to develop a range of skills allowing them to prosper at school but also be well prepared for life beyond RHS.

The aim within the house is clear: the development of the whole person, where academic excellence, breadth of co-curricular involvement and pastoral care and wellbeing are all to the fore, thus allowing the individual to flourish. Pupils are encouraged to show academic maturity towards their studies but also to explore the wider opportunities on offer, where they can enhance their creativity and diversity whilst representing themselves, their house and the school with distinction. ‘Education’ in its truest sense is central to Drake House.

The welfare of each pupil is key. Drake offers a friendly, respectful and purposeful environment where pupils are challenged to push beyond their apparent potential and try their hand at the variety of activities on offer. In the process this will give them the confidence to ‘put their head above the parapet’ whilst enjoying the safety net of the house, tutor team and matron to support them. Drake is fortunate to have a strong set of tutors who have the best interests of the pupils at heart.

Alongside the more formal elements of the school day, it is also important for the pupils to enjoy their down time, where they can build friendships and have a similar ‘home from home’ experience that many boarding houses do. Drake offers that balance allowing pupils to navigate the varied demands of the day. The sense of camaraderie and unity are all part of the Drake experience.

I look forward to welcoming you to Drake House, where you will be able to get a true feel for our community.

Leigh Corbould