Year 8 to 12 Boy Day Boarders

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Housemaster Mr PM Cohen
House Matron Miss L Golden
Assistant Matron Mrs SJ Bartrum
Resident Assistant Mr A Sayer

Cornwallis is a house for day boys in Years 8 to 12 and includes areas for study, common rooms, computer rooms, lockable storage for books and games kit and changing facilities. Cornwallis also has ad hoc boarding facilities for those who wish to stay overnight on occasion or up to 3 nights per week. The facilities provided are of the highest standard and specific to the needs of day pupils. The housemaster provides excellent pastoral care and academic guidance with the support of a team of tutors attached to the house.


From the Housemaster of Cornwallis

Cornwallis is the School’s only flexi-boarding house for boys. Boasting a vibrant day room, where the boys can enjoy their down time, where they can build friendships and have a similar ‘home from home’ experience that many of the boarding houses offer. Cornwallis incorporates these social areas with excellent study facilities that allow all boys to work in a quiet space whilst enjoying the benefits of being in a busy house. The unique nature of the House is the transformation into a boarding house in the evenings where pupils can enjoy the luxury of having their own individual room when they reach Year 10.

Cornwallis pupils are encouraged to develop a range of skills allowing them to prosper at school but also be well prepared for life beyond RHS. Our House ethos “Learn to Serve” is based on trusting and respecting each other. We aim to provide a relaxed and friendly environment in which everyone can learn and develop at the pace that best suits them. Boys are responsible for being considerate and tolerant towards others and are expected to learn to have some independence when it comes to making decisions about when to work (outside of set prep times) and what other activities to do.

The welfare of every pupil in Cornwallis is fundamental to what we do here, and it is our aim is to see each boy grow and fulfil his potential in the House and the wider school environment. This is achieved through Cornwallis having a strong set of duty staff and a wonderful matron and resident assistant who have the best interests of the boys at heart.

I gained a BA in Sport from Durham University, a PGCE from the University of Buckingham and hold coaching qualifications in a number of sports. I joined RHS as Head of Cricket in January 2016, having left St Paul’s Catholic College in Sunbury, Middlesex, where I had been Head of Key Stage 4 for PE. My teaching experience includes leading BTEC PE at levels 2 and 3, in addition to teaching the subject at GCSE and A Level. I became Resident Assistant Housemaster of Cornwallis in September 2016 and took over as Housemaster the following year.

I look forward to welcoming you to Cornwallis House, where you will be able to get a true feel for our community.

Paul Cohen