Years 9 to 12 Boy Boarders

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Housemaster Mr CJA Terry
House Matron Mrs S Harman
Resident Assistant Mr P Ryan

Year 9 to Year 12 boy boarders moving up from Blake House or new pupils entering the School at 13+ enter one of three boys’ senior boarding houses (Collingwood, Hawke and St Vincent), each with around 60 boarding pupils. There are leisure facilities that include day rooms, table tennis and pool tables, kitchens, television rooms and a house library. Each boarder has his or her own self-contained working and sleeping accommodation. Pupils will be accommodated in four-bedded or double rooms, depending on their year group.  Pupils in Year 12 will generally be in double or single study bedrooms with en-suite facilities.

From the Housemaster of Collingwood

I am very proud to be the Housemaster of Collingwood House, it is a great House and a wonderful place to live, work and learn.
I have been involved in boarding school education for over 25 years, firstly at Stowe and then for 10 years at Harrow, where I taught Economics. For most of this period I was the Deputy Housemaster of Newlands House and coached numerous sports including the 1st XV. I was also Adjutant of the Harrow Rifle Corps and Master i/c Harrow Football, a strange mud-based predecessor of soccer.

I am married to Emily, who is a primary school teacher and we have two girls, Katie who is 11 and Jessica who is 7. Outside of school I have a wide range of interests from music and art, to sport and in particular rugby. I am founder and Chairman of the Independent Schools Rugby Football Club, The Lambs.

There is a fantastic team working for Collingwood who are dedicated and take excellent care of the boys. The resident tutor is Paddy Ryan whose CCF and adventure training expertise adds a great dimension to the house and new opportunities for the boys. We also have an excellent Matron, Jill Alexander, who taught for many years, before qualifying and running her own International Counselling Service for young people. Her experience has brought great benefits to the house team.

Collingwood is a happy, inviting house with great spirit and camaraderie, which is achieved by creating an ethos where all the boys can feel secure, have high self-esteem and are valued as a team member. There is a structured environment where the boys can feel confident to take on the challenges and opportunities presented to them without being frightened of failure.

Collingwood is a purposeful house: we seek to challenge and enable all the boys to reach their potential in mind, body and spirit - a healthy mind in a healthy body no less.

To achieve this, a high level of expectations and standard of discipline are the cornerstones of the house ethos. It is formed through the development of the basic traits of honour, duty, courage and pride. It is characterised by attitudes of loyalty, trust, courtesy, high morale and esprit de corps. Since group discipline must begin with self-discipline, it is natural that emphasis is placed on personal habits of neatness, promptness and a civilised bearing.

In Collingwood, we are not to be satisfied with mediocrity of effort, rather we seek excellence in all that we do, whether that is in our appearance, competing on the sports field, performing in music or arts or working in the classroom. We support one another as we strive to be our best selves, lift others when they falter and accept help when we need it. We seek the very best in our relationships within our community through respect and compassion for one another.

Collingwood strives to be an inclusive community. We maintain strong connections with its students, staff, parents, alumni, and friends so individuals are inextricably connected in a seamless web. The philosophy of promoting the personal development of the pupils is shared by all members of the house team, parents and indeed by the pupils themselves.

I look forward to welcoming you to Collingwood, so that you can experience the 'Collingwood Spirit' for yourselves.

Chris Terry