Blake, our Junior House, is a Year 7 only house providing a home from home and pastoral care and support for both boarding and day pupils during their first year in the School. It's a fantastic base during the school day for all pupils and our Year 7 boarders sleep upstairs.  The House Parents take overall responsibility for the House, assisted on a day-to-day basis by the Matron and Resident Assistant supported by an excellent team of Tutors.

From the Housemistress and Housemaster of Blake

Here at Blake House, we aim to provide outstanding pastoral care and support for both boarding and day pupils, during their first year at RHS. We, as House Parents, take overall responsibility for the House, assisted on a day-to-day basis by Matron, a Resident Pastoral Assistant and a team of experienced tutors.  

Blake is a busy and friendly house, a place to help students settle into RHS, catering for both boys and girls in Year 7. It is our intention that Blake House feels like a home from home to all the pupils it caters for, with a dedicated and passionate team of house staff and tutors, who are there to support your son or daughter in all aspects of their school life. 

As well as being given many opportunities to participate in a vast array of activities that will enhance their school experience, children are encouraged to use Blake as a hub where they can socialise with their friends have downtime and a dedicated space for their belongings.

We offer a variety of boarding options from full boarding, weekly, ad-hoc and flexi boarding as well welcoming our day pupils, every morning. There are many activities to enhance your son or daughters school experience and the days are crammed full with academic, sporting, musical and creative experiences. Evenings are spent undertaking a variety of activities that encourage team building and are a combination of fun and relaxation while encouraging students to get involved and make friends. Each evening our boarders can choose from activities such as swimming, football, baking, den making, hide and seek, board games, quizzes, newspaper madness, to name but a few. During the summer months we spend lots of time outdoors making the most of the wonderful grounds that we have available to us. 

By the end of Year 7, the children in our care leave us having made many friendships, experiencing a strong sense of community and having grown into an independent young person, ready to face new challenges in the Senior Houses. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Blake and sharing a memorable first year with us. 

Beverly and Aidan Maloney
Housemistress and Housemaster

Blake Junior House

01473 326239

Housemistress Mrs BC Maloney
Housemaster Mr AT Maloney
House Matron Mrs M Crawford Stewart
Resident Assistant Mr CJ Nortje

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