Year 8 Girl Boarders

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Housemistress Mrs J Marvell
House Matron Mrs J Wood
Resident Assistant Ms TK Shopova

Year 8 girl boarders moving up from Blake House or new pupils entering the School at 13+ enter one of three girls’ senior boarding houses (Anson, Hood and Howe), each with around 45 boarding pupils. There are leisure facilities that include day rooms, social rooms, kitchens, television rooms, a computer room and a house library. Each boarder has his or her own self-contained working and sleeping accommodation. Pupils will be accommodated in four-bedded or double rooms, depending on their year group.  Pupils in Year 12 will generally be in double or single study bedrooms with en-suite facilities.


From the Housemistress of Anson

Anson house is a home away from home for girls of many different nationalities. We foster an atmosphere where girls feel supported and able to thrive and achieve their personal and academic goals. When joining Anson, you will be joining a boarding house which is centred around honesty, mutual respect and friendship in an environment where we take care of one another. We are a true boarding family with a sense of loyalty and commitment, where you will be encouraged to participate and support the house across a range of extra-curricular activities. 

Anson house has a truly diverse atmosphere with girls from all corners of the globe. We encourage our girls to celebrate one another’s cultures, while still providing a unique UK boarding experience.  

Our dedicated resident team consists of Matron, Jan Wood who is at the heart of the house, supporting the girls with all aspects of their wellbeing. Our resident tutor Laura Compton is a Maths teacher and offers valuable support both academically and pastorally. As a team we are here to guide and support Anson girls through their journey at RHS and we invite parents to join us as we work together to ensure your daughter makes the most of the opportunities that are available.  

We want nothing more than for each girl to be happy, confident and prepared for life after RHS. To be true to themselves and strive to achieve their goals. We want these to be the best years of your daughter’s life where they can grow and take on opportunities and challenges with self-belief and without feeling scared of failure. Girls are encouraged to be resilient, kind and tolerant of others, together with building the skills to live and work alongside others within a boarding community.  

We look forward to welcoming you to Anson House, where you will join your new ‘home away from home’ and feel the true spirit of life at RHS. 

Tara Dodd
Outgoing housemistress