The core values of the Royal Hospital School are based on the Christian faith, however, pupils come from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds and we welcome and respect all beliefs and those with no belief as well.

The Chapel is regarded as being at the spiritual hub of school life and all pupils are expected to regularly take part in the act of collective worship. A Chapel Service occurs two mornings per week and on most Sundays. Families and friends are always very welcome to join the congregation on Sundays and major services are very well attended.

Pupils can prepare for confirmation and those wishing to give something back through service to the chaplaincy, may become sacristans.

The Chapel also plays an important part in musical life at RHS. The Chapel and Chamber Choirs are renowned for their impressive regular performances of sacred and secular music and those who live in the local area often refer to the 'Holbrook Sound' when the massed voices of the whole school can be heard during congregational practice and Chapel services.