Full, weekly and flexible boarding options

The vast majority of our boarders board on a full or weekly basis but we recognise how useful flexible boarding options can be for parents juggling busy working lives. Three night boarding is popular with pupils who have a relatively long journey into school and would like to break up the travelling during the week. Our new boarding bundle is a flexible way to build up from day to three night boarding or from three night to weekly or full boarding. Blake, Collingwood, Hawke, Howe, St Vincent and to some extent Nelson (Year 13), offer flexible boarding options but space is limited. A priority boarding space can only be met through the full or weekly boarding option otherwise, it is subject to availability.

Full Boarding

Seven overnight stays a week and round-the-clock care.

Full boarders have a dedicated bed space and personal storage space. The fee includes all meals, overnight accommodation, 24-hour care by residential house staff, health care and laundry.

Weekly Boarding

Six overnight stays from Sunday to Friday.

Weekly boarders are allocated a dedicated bed space and personal storage space. The fee includes overnight stays from Sunday to Friday inclusive. Pupils may leave after school commitments on Saturday afternoon and may return on Sunday evening or Monday morning. Weekly boarders may stay overnight on a Saturday up to three times per term, which will be charged at £50 per night. If it is likely that more Saturday night stays will be required, the full boarding option should be selected.

 Three night boarding

Three regular overnight stays a week from Sunday to Friday.

Three night boarding is available in all boarding houses, subject to space being available.

This includes 3 regular overnight stays per week from Sunday to Friday. Overnight stays on a Saturday night may be available on request but are subject to an additional charge of £50 per night and limited to 3 nights per term. Three night boarders will be guaranteed 3 overnight stays per week but not a permanent bed space or storage for belongings.

Boarding bundle

A flexible fifteen overnight stays a term.

The boarding bundle is available to parents of day pupils or three night boarders who want to take advantage of the flexibility of buying units of 15 nights purchased in advance for use at any time but only on up to three Saturday nights per term and beds are subject to availability.

Unused nights can also be rolled over to the subsequent term but are not refundable. Pupils in Years 9 to 12 using boarding bundle nights will be allocated a bed in Collingwood, Hawke, St Vincent, Hood or Howe on the nights they are boarding, subject to availability. The option is also available in Blake and Nelson again subject to availability.

The cost of a 15-night boarding bundle is £1,100 and can be purchased via the Finance Department at a term in advance or by the first week of the term at the latest. A book of boarding passes will be provided and these should be given to the Housemaster or Housemistress on booking the night(s) required.

A maximum of three 15-night Boarding Bundles can be purchased per pupil in each academic year.

Ad Hoc Boarding by Special Arrangement

Day pupils may also request to stay overnight on an ad hoc basis by special arrangement but this is always subject to space being available in Blake, Cornwallis, Howe or occasionally in another boarding house. This is strictly limited to ten nights per term (Years 7 and 8) and seven nights per term (Years 9-13), and no more than three Saturday nights per term, at a cost of £50 per night (Year 7) or £75 per night (Years 8-13). If it is likely that more than this number of overnight stays will be required each term, the three night boarding option or boarding bundles should be purchased.

Where possible a week’s notice should be given to ensure adequate planning of room and bed allocations. We recognise that this may not always be possible and we will always try to accommodate your requests. Parents should also keep us informed of any change of plan with regard to staying overnight.