The vast majority of our boarders board on a full or weekly basis but we recognise how useful flexible boarding options can be for parents juggling busy working lives. Three night boarding is popular with pupils who have a relatively long journey into school and would like to break up the travelling during the week. Our new boarding bundle is a flexible way to build up from day to three night boarding or from three night to weekly or full boarding. Blake, Cornwallis, Howe, and to some extent Nelson (Year 13), offer flexible boarding options but space is limited. A guaranteed boarding space can only be met through the full or weekly boarding option otherwise, it is subject to availability.

Boarding options

Ad Hoc Boarding by Special Arrangement

Day pupils may also request to stay overnight on an ad hoc basis by special arrangement but this is always subject to space being available in Blake, Cornwallis, Howe or occasionally in another boarding house. This is strictly limited to ten nights per term (Years 7 and 8) and seven nights per term (Years 9-13), and no more than three Saturday nights per term, at a cost of £50 per night (Year 7) or £75 per night (Years 8-13). If it is likely that more than this number of overnight stays will be required each term, the three night boarding option or boarding bundles should be purchased.

Where possible a week’s notice should be given to ensure adequate planning of room and bed allocations. We recognise that this may not always be possible and we will always try to accommodate your requests. Parents should also keep us informed of any change of plan with regard to staying overnight.