Welcome to our podcast series from the Royal Hospital School, 'Sit Down with RHS'. 

Launched in 2021, our first series pulls back the curtain and sits down with a range of alumni, parents, pupils and staff to give our listeners a deeper understanding of how the school sets pupils up for success and how we give them the skills, confidence and resilience to thrive and follow their ambitions.

In our second series we continue to get to know members of our RHS community, but with a particular theme.  Global Awareness, Citizenship and Sustainability is the school focus for 2022/23 and how the school community can continue to grow in areas of diversity, inclusivity, sustainability and awareness of global issues. We listen to a range of members from our RHS community on what we are doing in this important area.

If you would like to take part in a podcast, please contact Sophy Walker, Director of Admissions & Marketing on 01473 326205, swalker@royalhospitalschool.org.



Simon Noakes presents the #InspiringSchoolsPodcast. On the show, Simon welcomes the world's leading educators to talk about the future of education, marketing communications, leadership, technology and much, much more.

In this episode, I discuss global awareness, citizenship, sustainability and #FutureSchool thinking with the Headmaster of the Royal Hospital School, Simon Lockyer.

7 December 2022.