Why do we go to school on a Saturday at RHS?

We are often asked why our pupils attend school here on a Saturday. Families are perhaps concerned that this will impact on precious time together at weekends and we are keen to explain the added value Saturday school offers our pupils.

At RHS we want to give our families the best package possible, spreading our lessons across six days to allow more time for the enrichment and co-curricular activities and sporting fixtures they pupils love. All other independent secondary schools play Saturday sport on a weekly basis and see pupils attending at weekends to this end anyway, we just make more of the day.

By formalising it within our timetable we can run the morning school buses to help parents. The added value of the six-day week is that our pupils in years 7 and 8 have the time to complete their homework within the school day, supervised by a member of staff. This allows home time to be downtime. Pupils also enjoy our exeat weekends each half-term. Years 7 and 8 have two Saturdays off each half term and older years have one.

With all of this in mind, years 7 and 8 are only in school for 21 Saturdays a year, leaving many free weekends to enjoy as a family.

What do we do on Saturdays?

  • Pupils have 3 lessons in the morning
  • They then enjoy a delicious RHS lunch
  • In the afternoon they either have a games lesson or a match if they're in a team
  • Pupils having games can leave at 3.30pm
  • Parents are welcome to come and watch matches

Saturdays also finish earlier than other school days. If a child doesn't have a fixture he or she is able to leave at 3.30pm.

So what do we do with the extra time?

  • All pupils have time to complete homework supervised by a member of staff during the school day. Years 7 and 8 can expect to finish all of their homework at school, older pupils may do some work at home in addition
  • We run 200 co-curricular clubs within the school day
  • A full CCF programme incorporating Royal Navy, Army, RAF and Marines
  • A Duke of Edinburgh programme run onsite supporting pupils to achieve all awards to gold level
  • Academic stretch support
  • Networking events, guest speaks, LinkedIn sessions and careers advice
  • Tutor meetings in small groups to support our pupils' academic achievement and wellbeing
  • Compass – our added curriculum time to teach our pupils life skills and PSHE
  • Many sporting competitions, fixtures and events within the school day
  • Boarders will enjoy additional fun activities on Saturdays when our day pupils have gone home

All in all we think we offer great value to parents by giving pupils the academic and co-curricular breadth here at RHS. Our parents love that pupils complete their homework and after school at school clubs at school. This allows home time to be downtime and family time.