Drama and Classics pupils were treated to an entertaining evening of all the greatest Greek myths performed in one show, 'Unmythable'.

Devised by the Out of Chaos theatre company the production is an unforgettable blend of sketch comedy, stories and songs described by The Guardian as, "Expertly performed and stupidly entertaining."

Pupils were press-ganged into the crew of the Argo alongside some of the most revered heroes of the era who swapped tales of conquests and war. With around fifty characters being played by only three actors over the hour it was an energetic and skilful display of dynamic performance.

Favourite scenes were a hushed argument inside the wooden horse gifted to Troy; sickly sweet mob boss daughter Medea assisting the keen Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece; and the tense marriage negotiations between Hades and Persephone with Demeter and Zeus (count four characters and three actors!). Quick costumes changes were key and imaginative with the tailless dove at the Cyanean Rocks getting a big audience reaction.

It was laugh out loud funny and unravelled the sometimes complicated myths, relationships and heroic tasks into something accessible and enjoyable for everyone.