Twin Success!

Twins, Izzy and Millie, have taken every opportunity the School have offered them since they started RHS in Year 7. Izzy is one of our Academic, Art and Sports Scholars and has performed incredibly well in her GCSE results, achieving seven 9's and two 8's. Millie is one of our Art and Sports Scholars and has also done incredibly well in her exams, more than half 9-7.

When Millie was asked how she felt about her results, she said; "I have always been quite competitive, especially with myself. I am really happy with my results because I know how hard I worked and know it was the best I could do."

It is not just academia that the girls excel in, but their commitment to sport also. Both the girls are keen cricketers, as well as playing hockey at a high level for the School. Speaking about how she found trying to fit in her revision around sports fixtures, Millie explained that; "Trying to balance my work around sports matches has definitely helped with my time management. If I knew I had a match in the week, I would make sure my work was done before so I wouldn't feel rushed to do it after. It is definitely about sacrificing certain things!"

Interestingly, both girls' favourite part about attending RHS is the support from the teachers. They both feel comfort knowing that if they needed support from a member of staff, they will always be there for them. "I love speaking to the teachers, even outside of lessons. They really listen to me and reassure me if I am not so confident with a certain area. I would not have been able to get these results without them" Millie said.

When discussing what she would tell someone potentially looking at RHS for a School, Izzy said, "The amount of opportunities you are offered here are endless, there is always something for everyone. It is about taking every opportunity you are offered and not feeling nervous to give it a go."

What an amazing achievement for both Izzy and Millie, we look forward to welcoming them back in September to take their A Levels. Izzy will be taking be Art, Maths and Chemistry whilst Millie will be taking Art, Digital Creative Media and Design Technology.