Ted's Summer Project

Every summer, all our pupils are given the opportunity to complete a Summer Project. These span all areas of the curriculum and aim to encourage independent learning and academic curiosity and creativity. This year, one of the projects set by the English department was to research an author who has a connection to the place where you live. Our Year 10 pupil, Ted, decided to choose Roald Dahl and made a documentary about how his stories were influenced by Great Missenden.

Ted's project on the inspirations of Roald Dahl perfectly embodies everything these projects stand for. The quality of the research is matched by the unique and creative way in which he has presented it. "It is truly like no other project I have seen in my 5 years at RHS," explained George Johnson, our Head of Academic Challenge and Teacher of Classics.

There would never be time within school to create something as detailed an in-depth as this documentary and that is why Summer Projects are so vital. They encourage pupils to use the long summer vacation well and Ted certainly made the most of that opportunity. Learning is a lifelong endeavour and does not stop when the school bell rings at the end of the day or when pupils depart the school site for their summer break. Summer Projects are just one of the ways we try to encourage this attitude and passion for learning in our students - and Ted's project is a perfect example of where that can take you.