Supporting Two Charities 5,314 Miles Apart

Former Sailing Scholar Josie Ruffles (Raleigh 2020) has been lucky enough to keep busy since leaving RHS. During the first lockdown she worked on a farm, local to home. From August 2020 until April 2021 she worked for the family business, DXB Pump & Power. Helping to assemble pump sets, as well as maintaining the website and social media having undertaken online training courses in Digital Marketing and WordPress.

In May this year she headed overseas to Costa Rica and began volunteering at the Wild Sun Rescue Centre in Cabuya. Josie says "My job mainly consisted of feeding the monkeys, finding new leaves and trees to go into their enclosures, cleaning their cages and hammocks. I especially liked a monkey called Capuchin's. They are incredibly intelligent and so unlike the other species of monkeys, when I fed them I put their food in enrichment so they would have to solve puzzles in order to get their food."

A Capuchin Monkey: Credit: Wild Sun Rescue

She wasn't able to take any pictures whilst there as the Rescue Centre doesn't want to attract tourists who may think they will be able to visit the animals or locals who think it is a zoo. They do however have an Instagram page called WildSunRescue and are always seeking volunteers. To find out more click How to Volunteer.

Josie is now travelling the country, seeing some of the incredible volcanoes and natural wonders Costa Rica has to offer, and just a few days ago she was hiking through the rainforest to find some waterfalls close to the volcano. Josie says "It was a long and tricky hike, with very steep terrain, but thankfully with the experience of my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition in Scotland and my trusty walking boots, we completed the hike having seen some amazing views!"

Whilst away, Josie decided to cut 12 inches off her hair in support of the Little Princess Trust. "The charity is very important to me" Josie says "having had someone close to our family go through chemotherapy three times, we know how much the charity helps and gives confidence back to people. I feel a lot lighter and am glad to help in anyway possible, knowing that my hair is going to someone who actually needs it."

Josie plans to continue her travels, with her hair carefully packaged in her rucksack. In the meantime she has set up a Just Giving page to financially support the charity in helping to create more wigs. Please click this link: Josie Ruffles Just Giving Page.

If you are inspired by this wonderful story and wish to find out more about donating your hair click here: Little Princess Trust.

We look forward to catching up with Josie when she returns to the UK.