Science Fair

Science and healthcare alumni return to Holbrook to inspire next generation

The Year 8 Science Fair is always an enjoyable, entertaining and interesting event as pupils explore their own hypotheses, experiment and demonstrate a plethora of scientific phenomena. Year 7 pupils visit the fair in the afternoon often having the opportunity to interact with the stalls as they quiz, question and collect data to prove or disprove their theories.

We recruited some of our alumni from the science and healthcare sectors to assist in the difficult task of deciding a winner. Our thanks go to Gemma Seabright (Cornwallis 2011) who is currently completing her PhD with Oxford University (and spending time at Southampton researching a vaccine for HIV); Professor Alan Thornhill (Hawke 1986) Country Manager for IGenomix UK, a private medical laboratory providing innovative tests to improve reproductive health; and Adam Power (Anson 1982) who is a business leader and pioneer of innovations in health care – notably surgical instruments and robotics. It was a tough decision, but congratulations to Charlotte, Amelia, Mathilda and Josephine for winning first place.

A special thanks to Alan Thornhill for his inspiring speech to pupils on the breadth of career opportunities beyond 'white coats in labs', what it means to be a scientist and truth seeker in the 21st century, and the possibility that a future Nobel Prize winner could be a girl (or boy) from RHS!