RHS Statement – Black Lives Matter

As a diverse school community, we have been reflecting and discussing how we can establish a positive response to the Black Lives Matter movement. We recognise that there are always opportunities for improvement and that education is fundamental in addressing ignorance and misunderstandings. We are pleased that we have been recognised for the steps we have already taken alongside the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust that works to tackle inequality for lasting change, but acknowledge there is always more that can be achieved.

We realise that we have a duty to ensure that by not speaking out via social media we are not sending a message that racism is tolerated, or that ignorance or prejudice are ever acceptable. Internally we are providing opportunities for members of the community to speak about this important topic in the weeks ahead and we will continue to work with the Diana Award. Along with the Diana Award and Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, we feel that change for and by young people is central. It is the actions that we take within our community that demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that our pupils have the knowledge to understand and address the complex social issues and to be able to combat the systemic inequalities they will encounter.

We are clear that we do not tolerate racism and we acknowledge the role that our school can play in overcoming prejudice. We will continue to listen to our community and encourage those affected to speak up and work with us to bring about positive change.