Deben Trees


Deben Travel Tree Planting 

The Royal Hospital School and Deben Travel are continuing a collaboration, which started pre-Covid, to plant a significant number of trees over the next three years.  

The first batch of trees donated by Deben Travel, were planted as part of the School’s Grow with Us campaign in 2019, where the school committed to planting a tree for every new pupil that joins the school. Another 100 trees have been planted this month to support the school’s on-going tree planting programme, with the help of Deben Travel.  

Lee Hunt, Managing Director at Deben Travel comments; “We made a commitment to our overseas travel customers that we will offset some of their carbon footprint to support a local tree planting campaign. We are really pleased to have partnered with the Royal Hospital School over the next three years to support such an area of outstanding beauty, and we look forward to seeing these young trees, and more over the coming years, become more established over the coming years to benefit future generations.” 

Steve Mutton, Head of Grounds at RHS comments; “It is fabulous to have the additional funding support from Deben Travel to support our tree planting programme. We have been able to purchase a significant number of Lime trees, which are particularly good at supporting carbon capture, balanced with trees such as Hornbeam and Silver Birch that support local animal habitats. All our trees are locally sourced and are planted using local mushroom compost to support their growth. It is really important for our local environment that we continue to plant trees as we lose a number each year to natural causes.” 

Simon Lockyer, Headmaster at RHS comments: “We are delighted that Deben Travel have partnered with RHS to plant trees that can help with carbon offset as we understand that this is s a growing consideration for travel companies.  As a site within an Area of Outstanding Natural beauty, the establishment of tree habitats is incredibly valuable and also adds to the aesthetic. We also have a number of projects in the pipeline to develop areas of our woodland for the benefit of our community’s wellbeing.“