Music Scholars' Concert

Music Scholars' concert

This year's Scholars' Concert was a fantastic event with an outstanding range of instruments, ages, periods of music and types of performers gracing the stage. They were met with rapturous applause from the appreciative audience who were treated to the marimba through to the bassoon and tuba, to ensembles such as the Reade Band playing a number by Michael Bublé.

Huge amounts of preparation went into this night – not just from the performers themselves, but on the part of the music staff. Mr Allen, Mr Saunders, Mrs Griffiths and Mr Pickthall put incredible work in, and did indeed reap the fruits of reward. Our brilliant Visiting Music Teachers prepared the pupils admirably, and even accompanied a few of the performances. As for Mr Allen - never have timpani been walloped with such style!

There was lots of orchestration - not just of the musical kind, but of wheeling equipment around, transforming the 'stage' from something occupied only by a lonely singer to the space crammed full of the instruments and people brought together for Freddie Mercury's emotional signature song, Bohemian Rhapsody. This was a magnificent end to the night, and a great deal of thanks go to Mr Pickthall for not only conducting us in our performance, but arranging the whole score himself! It was an honour to play in this ensemble of extremely talented musicians, as it was also spectacular to see all the scholars together in their resplendent glory.

Oliver Woods
Year 9, Junior Crompton Organ Scholar