MFL Debating

MFL Eastern Counties Debating Competition

Three German A-level pupils have won the MFL Eastern Counties Debating Competition held at The Perse Upper School, Cambridge.

The team of Maja J, Cam W and Tzay R had never before prepared or debated arguments in a second language before. Competing against other schools they were required to debate for and against on questions including "Is the traditional family form the best family form?", "Is fashion and image most important to our youth?" and "Will online streaming replace the normal television?".

Under the guidance and leadership of Miss Anger, the teams had to prepare to speak on both sides of the argument for each topic, and spent two weeks practising and perfecting different debating strategies. During this time Miss Anger helped them on their pronunciation and grammar, learning how a typical German person would talk and express themselves including their body language.

Cam W said, "Languages are an integral part to our community and society, it is a celebration of different cultures and backgrounds. The experience has really shown us how our linguistic capability has greatly improved since the beginning of our studies. A huge thanks to Miss Anger, to whom the team owe their success to, and who cheered us on along the way. Hopefully in the future, the school will hold their own MFL debates, where everyone of every nationality can take part in debating in a foreign language."