Match Racing

School Match Racing National Championships

At the beginning of the month four sailors represented RHS at the School Match Racing National Championship. The event was sailed in Weymouth, in the same waters used for the London 2012 Olympic sailing event and comprised eight teams.

The boats used were Elliott 6m keelboats – the very same boats used for Match Racing in the London 2012 Olympics – sailed by three or four crew. Match Racing pitches each team against another in a boat on boat race requiring good tactical knowledge, teamwork and boat handling skills. The format for the event was a round robin with each team sailing against each other team to produce a ranking based on the number of races won.

After a shaky start, losing the first three races to Radley College, Oxford Team Racing Academy and Royal Grammar School (Guildford), the team found their form and won the last four races against Claires Court School, Worcestershire Schools Sailing and Canoeing Association, Abingdon School and Cokethorpe School.

In a tight event, with lots of top teams taking races off each other, this was good enough for second place overall and first placed school at the event.

The team comprised Dimas Valls Quiros (skipper), James Oakley (bow), Joe Fletcher (sail trim) and Joshua Davies (mainsail trim).

Final standings


Oxford Team Racing Academy

6 wins


Royal Hospital School

4 wins


Abingdon School

4 wins


Cokethorpe School

3 wins


Claires Court School

3 wins


Radley College

3 wins


Royal Grammar School (Guildford)

3 wins


Worcestershire Schools Sailing and Canoeing Association

2 wins