London Networking

Professional networking at WeWork, London

A big thank you to pupils, young alumni and our industry ambassadors for attending the professional networking event at WeWork Mansion House, hosted by Tom Woolf (Hawke 1998) and the EdAid team. We hope you enjoyed it and made connections.

We had twenty-three industries represented from Executive to Director. Our industry ambassadors covered The City and Silicone Roundabout (Damien Brome, Drake 1998), Entering a Graduate Programme (Tabby Palmer, Howe 20150, Finance (Tom Anderson, Collingwood 1999), Internet (Tom Pratt, St. Vincent 1998), and Getting on the First Rung of the Ladder (Alice Foreman, Howe 2013).

Tom Woolf commented, "It was an incredible privilege that twenty years after leaving, I am able to help the next generation forge their own path in the world. I joined RHS on a full bursary for inner-city working class kids. Much of who I am today I owe to the world-class education, compassion and grit I developed at Holbrook."

Our Professional Networking Programme exists to help alumni develop relationships, further their goals, and inspire the next generation.

The next event will be at Duff & Phelps at The Shard thanks to David White (Collingwood, 1998) on Tuesday 7 May - book here.

We are also in Portsmouth on Tuesday 21 May - book here.