Lily follows her dream embarking on a career in Midwifery

Lily Carroll studied Geography, Psychology and Art at A Level and was awarded straight A grades. She now goes on to follow her dream as she joins the University of Surrey to study Midwifery.

Lily expands on her choice of career path:

"I have always had a passion for helping people and wanted to do something within healthcare. I started exploring the options when I did some work experience at Nairobi Hospital where I worked on the maternity ward. I loved the excitement and joy of bringing life into the world."

Lily joined RHS as a boarder from the Banda, a prep school in Kenya. The Royal Hospital School's relationship with this wonderful British curriculum school in the Nairobi suburb of Karen has developed over the years and a steady stream of Banda pupils choose RHS for Year 9 on-wards.

Not surprisingly, Lily was very disappointed that her last year at RHS was cut short but said:

"The School was really supportive throughout the lock-down period with weekly tutor meetings on Zoom to catch up and ensure that we were all ok. I used this time to prepare for my Midwifery course and to do some painting as I don't think I will get much time to do it at university. It has been a great opportunity to enhance my skills with online help when I needed it.

I am hugely grateful to all my teachers. They have played an enormous part in helping me to stay motivated and focused and shaping me into the person I am today".