Life at RHS in Lockdown 2

Due to the resurgence in coronavirus cases we are sadly all once again experiencing lockdown. We are extremely pleased and grateful that schools currently remain open ensuring the very best educational continuity for all of our pupils.

As a school the pandemic has obviously had a huge impact on the day to day life of our pupils and staff. With increased hygiene measures, masks, year group bubbles, carefully managed mealtimes and changeover times for pupils, quarantining for our international pupils, pupils remote learning and learning in class and an adapted approach to safe sport. But even with all of this upheaval, school still feels surprisingly normal. We believe this is largely due to the incredibly adaptable staff we have at RHS, and because our pupils take all of the changes in their stride. Our pupils are on track with their learning, and during the first half of term have participated in nearly 200 co-curricular activities. All this whilst walking around with the same enthusiasm for RHS life and smiles on their faces as usual. Welcoming and engaging prospective pupils and their families has required some novel and creative approaches. Our virtual open days and sixth form events have proven extremely popular and have allowed our virtual visitors to explore the school, meet pupils and parents and engage in live Q & A sessions. Our final virtual open day of the year will happen on 14 November. For those who wish to join this event then they should click here to register:

We are also offering personal guided virtual tours for the time being in light of the current restrictions. Our admissions team are meeting parents on MS Teams calls and guiding them around the school virtually in person. This is as close as we can get to visitors actually being here and allows prospective pupils and parents to ask questions as they normally would on a tour.

What if schools close again?

The Government has made clear its intention to keep schools open but in the unlikely event of a closure we have plans in place so that we can immediately revert back to live online teaching. We will also deliver our pastoral care virtually through regular tutor meetings on Microsoft Teams, house meetings and school assemblies as live events.

During the first national lockdown, we delivered a full academic timetable live online in the first lockdown, delivering over 22,000 lessons across 38 countries. And we are ready to do it all again.

It is possible the government may revert to alternate schooling in the first instance. At RHS we are already teaching in class and online simultaneously and can deliver this hybrid methodology with a full online timetable.

Will my child fall behind?

Being able to deliver the full timetable live online immediately meant that we were able to deliver our curriculum as planned despite the school closures in the Lent and Summer terms.

Going forward, we have planned carefully to ensure all of our year groups and in particular GCSE and A level pupils will complete the full curriculum well in advance of their exams in summer 2021, whether they are at school or remote learning.

Although we hope that schools will not need to close again, we are fully confident that our remote teaching model will ensure that all of our pupils will continue to make excellent progress.