Letters Home

As many RHS alumni know, being a part of this school and the memories created here, remain with you throughout your life. We believe that for many a bond remains with their former Boarding House and they continue to regard themselves a member of it.

RHS alumni will remember writing home every Sunday. As children, some may have regarded this as a bit of a chore, as adults this is looked back on far more fondly. Many still look forward to receiving cards and letters in the post rather than emails and less traditional methods of communication.

We are delighted that a new initiative has been set up to link those alumni about to celebrate their 80th,90th and 100th birthdays, with birthday cards and special wishes from current pupils in their former Houses.

The support and enthusiasm from pupils and staff in the Houses, so far, has been wonderful. The pupils have spent a lot of time and effort writing messages and being creative with the cards and gifts they have sent.

We have had such positive feedback from the alumni who received their cards and messages. An example of this comes from a thank you letter to pupils and staff in Cornwallis received from Mr Hay,

'It was a great gesture and certainly made my birthday that little bit more special!'

As a result, RHS are looking forward to welcoming Mr Hay back in the summer, a place he hasn't returned to for 65 years.

(Pictured Below) Letters Home was inspired by St. Vincent's interactions with Gordon McCoombe OBE (St. Vincent 1944) last year and as part of his 90th birthday. Sadly Gordon has since past away but his family were overwhelmed by the difference the connection made to Gordon's quality of life.

We are all looking forward to seeing this project expand and reach out to more alumni and grow our ever-expanding community #partofrhs.