LECTURE: Predicting the Pandemic: The Man Who Saw It Coming

On Thursday 12 February former pupil Bob Clark (Raleigh 1968) provided a fascinating talk on how his experience of working in the Business Continuity sector led him to writing a book in 2016 entitled Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat: Potentially the biggest survival challenge facing organisations.

The book's recommendations were accepted by the medical experts, however, the business sector were more skeptical about his predictions. In March 2020 with so many of his predictions coming true; the speed of the spread due to air travel, social distancing, stockpiling, monitoring passenger arrivals and public health warning posters his book became an overnight best seller. One of the only things he got wrong was the type of virus.

Bob has just completed a companion book Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat: Living with Covid-19 whilst preparing for the next pandemic. It includes a case study of RHS illustrating how well the school reacted by launching their remote teaching to all 750 pupils across 38 countries which has continued during the recent lockdown.

Although he would describe himself as a business continuity consultant, trainer, lecturer and author; he can certainly add Pandemic Expert to the list! Our sincere thanks to Bob and we hope when visitors return to RHS he will return to RHS to speak to the pupils in person.

Watch The Lecture Here

There were so many questions following the lecture that Bob has kindly put together a Blog answering the questions, which can be found by clicking here.

To pre-order a copy of Bob's new book, please click here.

To order a copy of his original book Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat - Potentially the biggest survival threat facing organisations, the book that predicted the pandemic, please click here.