Kenyan Scholar achieves Top Grades

Academic Scholar and holder of the Kenyan Award, Yvonne De Villiers achieved six 9s, one 8 and two 7s at GCSE. She joined RHS in Year 9 from Pembroke House School in Kenya citing the big open spaces and countryside location as the main draw when choosing her boarding school in England.

Yvonne's mother, Santie, said "Raising our children in Kenya, we never thought that they would have a chance to attend school in the UK, but it happened, and Yvonne embraced it! The opportunities and the amazing staff at RHS constantly challenged Yvonne to try new things and to invest 120% in everything she did – from academics to house life in Howe, singing, debating, MUN, public speaking, CCF, climbing and anything else she was presented with. She did not waste a moment. And here we see the results. Thank you to RHS and well-done Yvonne. This is a springboard towards a very bright future."

The next step for Yvonne is to complete her Matric in South Africa with the view to studying Electronic Engineering or Computer Science at university. To RHS she said "Thank you for a life-changing experience and I hope to return to say goodbye properly in the future"