How Food Affects Your Mood

On Wednesday 23 June 2021, the Alumni Office was delighted to broadcast a live online lecture from RHS Alumna BANT qualified nutritionist, Eva Humphries, DipION, mBANT, CNHC who talked us through about how Food Affects Your Mood.

Eva is a fully qualified nutritional therapist, and as she says on her website, the letters after her name translate to years of study, lots of nerdy science and validity.

Prior to becoming a nutritionist, Eva spent 8 years in the IT industry as a Business Development Manager. She is therefore very well versed in the trials and tribulations of working life, and knows exactly how easily, those temptations can affect us all.

Did you know that if you are suffering from constant fatigue, bouts of anxiety, low mood or have trouble focusing, it could just be that you are dehydrated.

Who knew that Vitamin D from the sun can only be absorbed from 12pm -2pm, March to October?

Eva also talks about the different foods to boost your dopamine and serotonin levels naturally.

In her fascinating talk Eva covers;

  • The essential nutrients needed for better mood and the foods that contain them.
  • How to build mental resilience with food.
  • realistic advice to help you get started.
  • the outline of a kickstart plan to feel good through food.

Click Here to Watch

Her talk is informative and full of easy fixes. So well worth a watch.

More information about Eva's work can be found at and under the handle wholefoodwarrier on all socials.