A new and exciting chapter

Back in 2019 we interviewed Freya Richmond (Howe 2012) for the Gidge Magazine. She was working with up-and-coming fashion designer, Richard Quinn as his textile designer. Life was very busy - Richard had just won 'Emerging Womenswear at the Fashion Awards, and showcased his first collection at London Fashion Week, also receiving the Queen Elizabeth II Award for Design from HM The Queen!

Freya says "After an amazing two years of hard work and long hours I decided to visit Australia for a well earned break. I loved my time working with Richard, and I am sure we will work together again". So in 2019 she headed 'Down Under' to find a job in the Australian Textile Industry. "I had no idea how difficult it would be to get a job within textile industry, it is very insular. So I decided to escape to the Outback, and found myself looking after 24 polo ponies on a farm, two hours from the nearest town and no WIFI". With no distractions Freya started drawing and designing every day, in her free time.

After 10 months and having recharged her batteries, Freya decided to return to London "I have such a supportive family and it was my Dad who suggested I started making and creating something using my prints, I chose cushions. I was rather reluctant to begin with, but I started to view them as a piece of art for a room". Initially making cushions for friends, she expanded her reach, contacting all the interior designers she knew and started to receive commissions.

Freya describes her products as 'bold, bespoke and unique' and feels lucky that she has the ability to choose projects which keep that 'funky high end customer base'. Under the brand name F.ROZE (a play on her name Freya Rose), most of her sales at the moment come from luxury goods website Latzio.com. Who describe themselves as 'A forward-thinking European lifestyle brand that curates hand-picked interiors from some of the world's best designers, and brings them together in one easy-to-shop platform'.

In January, Freya and her products were featured in Stella, The Sunday Times supplement as part of 'Brands and Designers to watch in 2021' by Jessica Doyle, Design and Interiors Editor.

After leaving the hectic life of the fashion industry, Freya is taking one day at a time. "I have been very lucky, lockdown has allowed me to focus in on my brand, with time to do so. I just love more of a work life balance."

Follow Freya on Instagram @freyarichmonddesign or look at her website: https://www.freyarozeworld.com/