Fireside Chats

Inspiring the next generation

Fireside Chats at RHS are designed to encourage sixth form pupils to gain valuable insights from alumni and friends who are leaders in their fields. Last year more than 100 pupils were hosted by the Headmaster at Holbrook House. In a 'grown up' and convivial setting pupils heard from, and put their questions to, pioneers of entrepreneurship, technology, science and health care, finance, aviation, and civil society.

This year pupils will hear from alumni and friends pioneering investment, marketing, risk management, recruitment, heart surgery, and military intelligence. So far this year...

In September we welcomed Jill Barber, Global Head of Institutional at Jupiter Asset Management Limited. Jill spoke about women in business and the need to address the 'structural deficit' by encouraging more girls to join the finance industry. Jill provided practical advice on entering the industry, the importance of confidence, knowing yourself and being proactive in order to stand out from the crowd.

In October we heard from Chris Hook (Collingwood 1976), Head of Marketing at Warburtons. Pupils, including a number studying marketing, were intrigued by Chris' recent work with Robert de Niro and how this successful advertising campaign was planned and executed. Chris gave an insight into his own journey beyond RHS. This included practical advice on dealing with disappointment when his own dream of joining the Royal Marines was dashed by a sports injury. Chris talked to pupils about resilience and the unexpected career choices he was to make that led him first to develop a successful food business and then onto a career in marketing. He also advised pupils to look 'below the line' and to examine the culture and values of sectors and organisations they aspire to.

To find out more about the programme please contact Simon Marsh in the Alumni and Development Office ( 326150)