Exercise Clean Sweep

"The aircraft carrier HMS PRINCE OF WALES is planning a port visit; however, a survey has revealed that the sea bed of the port contains various objects that the Royal Navy deems to be hazardous to the ship. It is therefore too dangerous to bring the carrier alongside whilst the objects remain in place. Consequently, the Commanding Officer of HMS PRINCE OF WALES requires an unmanned system to clear the harbour area of objects in order to allow the carrier to get alongside.

Your task is to build a remote controlled vessel that is capable of recovering these objects and placing them on the quayside."

Pupils to compete in Royal Navy Engineering Challenge

Building on last year's success from 'Operation Amphibious Angel' Royal Hospital School has submitted five teams to this year's Royal Navy UTC Engineering Challenge that have all been accepted to compete in the national finals. The task will be to create a design, presentation and working model of a vehicle capable of clearing the sea bed of hazards that will be judged alongside up to 72 other teams.

The finals will take place on 28 March 2018 at HMS SULTAN, Gosport inside the Newcomen Hangar, where current Royal Navy Air Engineering Technicians train and undertake practical assessments on a variety of different aircraft types of the Fleet Air Arm.

The challenge was established with the aim providing engineering students and apprentices the opportunity to complete a realistic, curriculum-focussed project which requires them to demonstrate a multitude of project management and practical engineering skills.

With five teams entering from RHS we see not only an increase in numbers from last year's two all-male groups but girls have joined the ranks and stepped up to the challenge firmly taking their rightful place in STEM.

Greek Goddess (KS4)
Rupert Todd
Henry Gayton
Guy Parker
Megan Aslet-Clark
Finn Corcorran

Recoil (KS4)
Amadi Gray
Alistair Day

RHS Stinson (KS5)
Abbie Sykes
Ludwig Geisweid
Alejandro Quintana Hernandez
Marcel De Villiers
Hadrien Ville

Nemesis (KS5)
Annis Cousins
Tom Ralph
Patrick Vickers
Ted Thompson
Cillian Rew

Nelson's Fleet (KS5)
Emily Burgess
Ben Willis
Giles Wilson