Eventers Challenge

Hickstead NSEA Eventers Challenge Championship

The RHS Equestrian Team (Lulu G, Emma S, Holly H, Aoife R, Fliss G and Eliza T) were out this weekend competing at Hickstead for the NSEA Eventers Challenge National Championships.

The 1–1.05m Eventers Challenge was the last team event of a very hot and action packed weekend. The course is made up of a number of show jumps followed by cross country jumps which include, banks, dykes, water, hedges and other obstacles. It was a very full up course with lots of technical questions and the competition took more than 4 hours to complete. The RHS team of Eliza, Holly, Aoife and Fliss ended the class as runners up (with equal points as the winners but being pipped to the post on time difference). Eliza had also qualified as an individual and took the runner up position individually as well.

Emma, Lulu, Aoife and Holly in the 80-85cm Eventers Challenge on Sunday afternoon had a couple of fast clear rounds but the team unfortunately was not placed, Lulu also competed as an individual in the 90-95cm Eventers Challenge on the Monday as an individual and was just outside the placings (the top 8 teams and individuals are placed).

The girls also competed in Jumping with style classes (JWS) in the polo arena; these are show jumping and cross country type fences and the class is judged on a penalty basis system (the effectiveness and style of rider, jumping faults and distance from optimal time the lower the overall points the better). In the 90cm JWS the team of Holly, Fliss and Aoife were 5th overall on Sunday evening.

On Sunday night there was the mixed height Show Jumping with Lulu jumping at 70cm, Holly at 80cm, Aoife at 90cm and Fliss at 1m, this was a very entertaining class where each competitor had to go as fast as possible and stay clear. The girls finished 3rd overall in this class.

On the Monday Morning Fliss, Eliza, Holly and Aoife came 6th in the 1m JWS class which was a good warm up for the main event of their weekend.

A fabulous weekend for the girls and ponies who were well supported at the event and were very exhausted by the end of the weekend.