Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Former pupil shares hi business experience with Enterprise and Entrepreneurship pupils

The BTEC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship students welcomed businessman and former pupil Andrew Shepherd, Anson 1997. He spoke to the class about his experience from the start of his working career, pushing trolleys in a supermarket, to eventually setting up his own company five years ago.

The class had many questions throughout the presentation about how Andrew had become so successful, with most of their questions based around the setup of his business and what challenges he faced during that period. The class were fascinated by the innovative way his company build new homes in a third of the time generic builders would do so. He explained how he tested many different ways of producing the houses and learnt from other people's mistakes and this enabled him to make the best possible product. As a result, his company, Mid Group, is believed to be one of the fastest growing construction companies in the UK at the moment, with an anticipated turnover of £100M this year.

Nick, Year 12, commented, "It was extremely interesting to hear how Andrew overcame obstacles and improved his business as a result. Overall it was an amazing opportunity to have time with such a successful entrepreneur. It was inspiring and informative to have him speak to the class and we all enjoyed the experience."