Centennial Fund: your #partofRHS

In September 2019, our first pupil funded by alumni and community began their RHS journey and in 2020 more will follow.

The aim of the Centennial Fund is simple: to transform 100 lives by our Holbrook Centenary in 2033.

In order to grow the fund and help many others, you told us we need a bit more fun in our fundraising. So we begun 'Your #partofRHS' to give regular supporters the opportunity to name any (accessible!) part of RHS for 24 hours.

Thank you to our latest entry former pupil Chris Gilbert-Wood (Drake 1977) whose chosen part of RHS was the 1st XV pitch:

"blood, sweat and tears in all weathers, making memories and friends for life"

What would be your #partofRHS'?

By pledging as little as £5 a month you can make a difference through the Centennial Fund. Together we will change 100 lives through tax efficient donations, partnerships with other organisations, and career opportunities.

To help us change 100 lives by 2033 please sign up here: Centennial Fund.

To discuss further contact Simon Marsh smarsh@royalhospitalschool.org / 01473 326150. Cheques can be made payable to the Royal Hospital School Charitable Trust.