Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of 'Navigating Success'

We are delighted to share with you our new school video Navigating Success. Our aim was to create a short film to explain the unique ethos and values of the Royal Hospital School. We know that we are different from many other schools and we were keen to produce something that reflected this, whilst leaving the viewer wanting to find out more.

"It is like the trailer for an exciting, interesting show.. and I want the next episode!" - Parent

The video above starts with a fascinating snapshot behind the scenes before showing the story of how the Royal Hospital School can help you to navigate success.

"It made me feel so proud to be at RHS. It captured the RHS community perfectly" - Pupil

"To see my school represented with such authenticity made me quite emotional" - Pupil

"It felt honest; it had passion and the message was true to RHS" - Staff member

We hope that you agree that this is true reflection of RHS and that it made you feel proud of being part our unique community. Even if you yourself are not a sailor, a member of the field gun team or a cellist – it is message that is important. Work hard, persevere and accept guidance and support from your teachers and you will find your own personal success.

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