At the current time we are regretfully unable to welcome large numbers back to RHS which will include Remembrance Weekend due to take place on 7 and 8 November. Remembrance Divisions and Chapel Service will go ahead but be restricted to pupils and staff.

The RHSA and the Alumni Office love hosting these events and we are devastated not to be able to give alumni the experience so many have been looking forward to – and frankly we could all do with a bit more laughing, living and love.

What we propose instead is a 'Virtual Remembrance Weekend'. Back in May we all came together on line to commemorate VE Day 75. This included the virtual RHS Victory Arms pub and quiz linking to our (socially distanced) garden parties and old boy memories from around the world. This and other virtual gatherings at RHS have been a great success and we are therefore going to try and provide something similar around Remembrance Day Divisions, Chapel Service. We might reinstate the RHS Victory Arms for virtual RHS yarns and drinks the night before (7 November)!

We know how important it is for us to remain connected as #PartofRHS...

Charles Potts (Collingwood 1947) says "Rev. Sherley Price comforted me as a 12 year old when dad died. Rev. Jack Holland encouraged me to join choir practice. One of my greatest pleasures. I surely hope that I shall be able to hear the chapel again"

The School and the RHSA will share more details in due course.

If you have any ideas on how we can virtually come together over the next term please get in contact with Lucy Pembroke lpembroke@royalhospitalschool.org / 01473326110

In the meantime...

We will, as always, try our hardest to continue to give alumni and their families tours of the School. We love to see you and learn about your time and friendships at the School and beyond. Please always feel welcome – without you we would not be RHS.

...but be aware, just like Britain's Got Talent semi finalist Jon Courtenay (Blake 1991), somethings have changed!

If you would like to arrange a visit to RHS please contact Lucy Pembroke lpembroke@royalhospitalschool.org / 01473326110.