'A Sea of Souls'

This year we are commemorating Remembrance Day with our biggest art project to date.

Pupils and staff have created 1,548 sails, imprinted with the name of every British naval vessel lost in World War 1 and World War 2, along with the number of lives lost on each ship's last voyage – totalling over 44,000 names.

Each sail has its own red 'wave' with a commemorative poppy forming the symbolic 'hull' of the boat and has been tethered to the ground at the memorial located at the front of the school. Viewed from above, the display forms the shape of a poppy and the lines of white sails are reminiscent of the white rows of headstones in military cemeteries.

The sail installation, entitled 'A Sea of Souls', is made up of individual sails between 20-60cm in size, and covers an area of approximately one acre, creating an undulating effect.

Sustainability was also at the forefront of this project. The poppies are made from recycled material used in the previous remembrance project and the sails were created from plastic paper found in the art block. "To be sustainable is consistently one of our aims for the School. We are always thinking of the impact of our work on the environment and encourage pupils to reuse and recycle whenever they can," said our Teacher of Art and Textiles, Mrs Hitchen.

Mrs Barber, Head of Art, said:

"We are really proud of the finished installation. Every pupil in the school has been involved in this project, creating at least two sails each, researching the last voyage of their chosen ship and finding out about the men and women on board. It has been amazing to see the whole school engaging with the project, particularly those pupils who chose ships with which they had a close connection, through a family member, town or place they know well. The wider community is now also engaging with the project - with many stopping to ask us about it - which is great, as it shows that our commemorative artwork speaks to those who see it, demonstrating respect from our school."