Year 8 Zoo

Year 8 Zoo


Last week our Year 8 geographers explored Colchester Zoo.  

The pupils explained what they learnt on their visit: 

Isobella N: “I found it really interesting to see how the zoo had recreated the animals’ habitats and to see how they would have lived in the wild. I found learning about the wolves and the small cute animals fascinating” 

Bettie K: “We had a fun day at the zoo, everyone enjoyed seeing all the animals especially the goats! We first went to see the sea lions, this was one of the highlights of my day as we got to walk underneath the enclosure and look up at them. We all loved seeing the lions and getting pictures. Everyone started getting tired but then we got to the bird enclosure and the energy levels were high. We had the opportunity to feed them; many of the birds sat on people's arms, shoulders and even heads. Before lunch, we had a talk about endangered animals and how the zoo can help them.” 

Jerry T: “I enjoyed feeding the nectar to the Rainbow Lorikeets the most, because I was able to physically interact with the birds, and they flew to my arm to feed on the food I had. I learnt that some of the animals' enclosures would have to be refurbished, so I knew that the zoo took very good care not only of the animals but their surroundings too. In a lecture we got told about different classes of endangered animals and the process of reintroduction to the wild. Overall, I think the trip was really informative and great fun.”