Wellbeing Award

Wellbeing Award


Prestigious Wellbeing Award 

A commitment to the wellbeing of pupils, parents and staff has led to us being granted the prestigious national Optimus Education Wellbeing Award for Schools! We have developed our wellbeing programme over the past year through an ambitious initiative to engage the whole school community in activities designed to raise awareness of the importance of good mental health.   

In order to achieve the award, our Deputy Head (Pastoral), Miss Zoë King, and her change team comprised of pupils, staff, parents and an external agency, demonstrated the effectiveness of the school’s active wellbeing services throughout 12 months of rigorous and ongoing assessments. Wellbeing provision, mental health first aid training, counselling and peer counselling, signposting and communications were all assessed and found to be well above the required standard.   

The school has made significant investment in its wellbeing provision, caring for nearly 700 pupils, 200 staff and parents. Wellbeing rooms have been created in many of the boarding and day houses as well as in the Health Centre and the plan is to also create some outside wellbeing space over the coming year. 

Headmaster Simon Lockyer, comments; “We are delighted that our considerable focus in this area over many years has been endorsed formally. Wellbeing underpins all aspects of a young person's experience at school and we understand that for our pupils who are navigating their formative years, there are challenges they will face. For some these will be small but for others they may be significant, and this is why our approach to pastoral care is interwoven with all aspects of our provision and is seen as a collective responsibility of all members of our community. We see this award as a key milestone on a continuous journey where the wellbeing of our pupils and staff will remain a priority for the school.”  

As part of the award, regular surveys were carried out amongst our pupil, parent and staff body. Feedback included:  

“The wellbeing principle at RHS is a golden thread in every aspect of school life and that’s why my child is flourishing in all areas.”  

“The school is open to listen without judgement and offer appropriate support. This reassures me as a parent that I can raise any mental health issues my child has safely and that they will be supported and not discriminated against."  

“There are so many people to talk to and lots of ways to say something anonymously if I am concerned.”  

 “There are people constantly checking in on me, communications and counsellors to support me if needed.”  

 “As a staff member, I feel very well supported by colleagues, Health Centre staff and trained individuals. The school embraces mental health and supports both pupils and staff alike.”  

Deputy Head (Pastoral) Miss Zoë King, comments; "Wellbeing at RHS is more than just helping a young person find a solution to their problem. It's about encouraging and supporting them to develop an individual set of skills to look after their wellbeing throughout their school years and beyond. I am pleased that we have sophisticated mechanisms in place to support and prioritise the positive wellbeing of our pupils and staff. However, we will not rest on our laurels with the achievement of this award; pupil and staff wellbeing will continue to be high up on the school’s agenda as we to develop the confidence and knowledge of mental health and wellbeing.”