Top GCSE Results

Top GCSE Results


RHS achieve decade-leading GCSE results

The Royal Hospital School is delighted to announce its best GCSE results in the past decade*. 97% of the 1017 exams taken were graded 9-4 and over 45% were graded 9-7, surpassing the previous highest results. Over a third (38 pupils) achieved 9-7 grades in six or more subjects and twelve pupils were awarded 9-7 grades in every subject studied. Pupils achieved the highest proportion of grade 9s since the 9-1 grading system was introduced. 

* except for Teacher Assessed Grades in 2021


Key Highlights 

  • Grade 9-8:  18%   

  • Grades 9-7:  45.4% 

  • Grades 9-4:  96.6%  

  • Grades 9-4 (includes Mathematics & English): 93.2% 

  • 2 pupils gained all grades 9s 

  • 4 pupils gained straight 9s and 8s 

  • 41 pupils achieved at least a grade 7 in six or more subjects 

  • 74.4% of our language GCSEs (inc Chinese, French, German, Latin, Russian & Spanish) were graded 7-9 

  • 99.1% grade 4 or higher in English 

  • 93.2% grade 4 or higher in Mathematics 

  • The following departments gained 80% grade 9-6 or higher: Biology, Design & Technology, Drama, Geography, History and Religious Studies 

  • 117 pupils sat 1017 GCSE exams in total 


Catherine Stevens, Deputy Head (Academic) comments: 

“After much speculation in the media about the downturn in this year’s examination results, I am delighted that the hard work of our teachers and pupils over the past two years has been reflected in an excellent set of results.   

"There is no doubt that our online provision during the periods of lockdown allowed for a seamless continuation of learning that ensured our pupils progressed well with their curriculum work. I am extremely grateful to our teachers who have been so versatile in their teaching during this time and very proud of this year group who have come through adversity and are now ready to start sixth form study from a strong position.”   

Simon Lockyer, Headmaster, comments: 

“I am really pleased and proud of this cohort who have had to navigate the disruption to some of their most formative educational years. To achieve this so successfully is testament to their perseverance, versatility and determination. Congratulations to our pupils on our best GCSE results in a decade. These results are a combination of hard work from pupils but also a reflection of the commitment and care of the teachers.  

"I am immensely proud of all that they have achieved both academically and through their wider commitment to life at RHS. We look forward to welcoming the vast majority back to join us in the Sixth Form.”