The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales Review 

Last week saw a spectacular performance of a selection of Chaucer’s Classic Canterbury Tales, delivered by Year 7,8 and 9 thespians. 

This light-hearted and humorous outdoor performance was hugely enjoyed by staff, pupils and parents on two consecutive and beautiful summer’s evenings.   

Pupils in Year 7 performed the Franklin’s Tale, enacting faithfulness and foolish promises, with rocks and a guru! 

Year 8 rendered performances of the Knight's Tale, complete with its very own carefully choreographed and very health-and-safety conscious fight scene; and the Nun's Priest's Tale, featuring love, nightmares, chickens and foxes, all introduced by a captivating line dance!   

And finally, Year 9 pupils performed the Merchant's Tale, with its dodgy goings-on in a pear tree, tastefully rendered for its audience, before concluding with the Wife of Bath's Tale, where what women truly want was revealed!   

Well done to all our performers: what a great production to draw the academic year to a close.