The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales


2022 Canterbury Tales 

This Wednesday and Thursday enthusiastic Thespians in Years 7, 8 and 9 will perform a selection of Chaucer’s classic Canterbury Tales to fellow pupils and staff. Parents and the local community are welcome to attend; performances are free of charge and will take place from 7pm on the Old Music School green, located next to Nelson House.  

The performances will include: 

The Knight's Tale (love, death and carefully choreographed fight routines performed with meticulous attention to health and safety).

The Nun's Priest's Tale (love, nightmares, chickens and foxes. Potentially even some line dancing).

The Pardoner's Tale (posh kids looking for death).

The Franklin's Tale (faithfulness, foolish promises, rocks and a guru).

The Merchant's Tale (dodgy goings-on up a pear tree)

The Wife of Bath's Tale (where what women really want is finally revealed).

Please bring a chair or blanket to sit on, refreshments and potentially a hat or sunscreen so that you may enjoy both the performances and the glorious sunshine! 

If you have any queries please email our Head of Drama, Damon Kerr at