Summer Exhibition 

Summer Exhibition 


Art, Design and Technology - Summer Exhibition 

You're invited to the Art, Design and Technology Summer Exhibition! Join us for a captivating showcase of creativity, talent, and innovation at our Preview Evening and Open Viewing event. 

Preview Evening: 
Date: Thursday 22 June 
Time: 6pm - 8pm 

Open Viewing: 
Friday 23 June: 4pm - 6pm 
Saturday 24 June: 12pm - 2pm 
Sunday 25 June: 12pm - 2pm 
Monday 26 June - Friday 30 June (By appointment) 


Venue: The Atrium Gallery, Jellicoe Design Centre, Holbrook, Ipswich, IP9 2RX 


Immerse yourself in the exceptional works of our talented pupils specialising in A Level and GCSE courses such as Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Textiles, Photography and Product Design. Witness their growth and creativity first-hand as they present their stunning creations. 

Fine Art: Delve into a world of paintings, sculptures and mixed media creations that showcase the unique perspectives of our A Level and GCSE Fine Art students. 

Graphic Communication: Explore the captivating world of visual communication through digital design, illustration, typography, and branding, crafted by our talented Graphic Communication students. 

Textiles: Experience the artistry of fabric and fibres as our Textiles students present their intricate patterns, innovative techniques and stunning textile creations. 

Photography: Embark on a visual journey through the lens of our Photography students as they capture breathtaking landscapes, striking portraits and thought-provoking moments frozen in time. 

Product Design: Discover the perfect blend of creativity and functionality, as our Product Design students present their innovative prototypes, elegant furniture designs and cutting-edge technological solutions. 

In addition to our A Level and GCSE programmes, we are proud to exhibit the exceptional work of our Entry Level Certificate Art and Design students, celebrating their achievements and growth. 

Admission to the exhibition is free, don't miss this incredible opportunity to celebrate the artistic achievements of our pupils.