Spooky Science

Spooky Science 

Our Year 7s dared to enter the Science Department last Friday, for an evening of spooky science. With ghostly décor and teachers dressed up in frightening costumes, our Year 7s were treated to a variety of ghoulish and explosive lessons, all in the name of science!

A local vampire (Mr Corby;showed the pupils what he ate during the day; which taught them the anatomy of an animal. Brave Year 7s put their hands into boxes and guessed what they were touching in a hunchback’s (Mr Raybould) gruesome ‘feely boxes’ lesson; the boxes were then duly opened for our pupils to discover fake maggots and other similarly gross objects inside. 

A warped horror couple (Mr Harris and Mrs Finley) entrapped our Year 7s in a tricky escape room, which nevertheless resulted in a rather yummy treasure chest filled with sweets. 

Dr Ryan’s explosive lesson was a great way for pupils to learn about mixing chemicals and their reactions, and Mrs Rouse’s fish eye dissections undoubtedly horrified the onlookers.  

Mrs Franks and her couple of Yr13 happy helpers, Jazz and Nicole, revealed the amazing wonders of liquid Nitrogen and delivered a fascinating show on colours. Rachel, a resident witch, menaced the corridors but was kind enough to show the pupils the way to the next venue as did the many Yr13 volunteers who chaperoned the younger pupils around the event.   

Year 7’s fear was palpable and their screams were audible across the campus. Nevertheless, they all lived to tell the tale.