Sixth Form Induction

Sixth Form Induction


Sixth Form Induction

A new academic year, and a new set of Year 12 pupils joined our ever growing sixth form at RHS. 

Leadership, ambition and having fun are all aspects of sixth form life. We hope our new cohort will dive straight into the new term, and what better way to start than by having a taster of all these things on their first day. 

Students spent the day on various activities, designed to support their integration into the sixth form but also to pull out those key skills we hope to develop over the next two years. 

First, a meet and greet with the sixth form team which included asking questions and designing their own curriculum around A Levels. This was followed by the first activity, ballroom dancing, led by our own award-winning dance professionals, Mr and Mrs Corby. Students learnt traditional dances, alongside creating and leading their own dance to more modern soundtracks. 

After lunch we delved into the world of team building, which directly links to the challenges, skills and support networks our students will encounter over the next two years. The last activity was the escape room, which used all the skills that had been focused on throughout the day. Pupils worked together as a team to compete against others to unpick puzzles in order to be the first to unlock the safe. 

Throughout the week Year 12 were invited to a range of induction support sessions and activities ranging from IT support to ultimate frisbee! 

The week culminated in a formal sit-down dinner for all Year 12 students and their tutors. Guest speaker Mollie Hughes (adventurer, explorer and author) inspired students to make the most of all the opportunities offered, no matter their ability. She also gave advice on unlocking resilience and encouraged students to ‘be your own team’. 

As a final celebration of completing the full week, Year 13 prefects met the new pupils in the library, where they were able to offer advice and a friendly face; glasses were raised to a new term and new beginnings.  

We warmly welcome all our new sixth formers and hope they have thoroughly enjoyed their first week with us at RHS. 

Here are some quotes:  

'I loved it!' - James  

'It was a nice intro to the new year and sixth form, and I really enjoyed meeting new people' - Daisy  

'It was so much fun working as a team; ballroom dancing was really cool, as well as meeting new faces in a relaxed atmosphere' - Katya and Emily 

'Today was a good day! I could meet all the other people in my year, and make new friends from outside my house and subjects in a relaxed and fun atmosphere' - Leon  

'Everything was great today. The teambuilding helped me to make new friends and get to know each other. The lessons I learnt today were to always find the end goal and try your best to achieve it.’ - Dan