Riddle Society 


Riddle Society 

Our academic scholars, exhibitioners and other pupils in Years 7-9 recently met on the school field by the ship for the first Riddle Society (the school's junior academic society) of the year. The theme was ‘communication’, with pupils engaging in a series of activities to encourage them to reflect on how they communicate when certain limitations were placed upon them. 

First up was an obstacle course, in which pupils had to navigate past an excitable puppy while wearing a blindfold and carrying a cup of water. They were guided with instructions from a sighted partner and there were prizes for both the quickest run and the pair with the most water left in their cup afterwards. The quickest pupil was Daniel O (Year 7) with a time of 5.88 seconds and the pair with the most water were Holly L and Sophia K (Year 9), who finished with a still completely full cup! 

The next activity involved recreating a small model made from Lego. Only one member of the team could see the original, which they had to describe to their two teammates, one of whom had the responsibility of selecting the right pieces and the other for building their replica. The fastest group were Benjamin W, Theo H, Lore F and Bay O (Year 7). 

Theo said, "The challenging part was for various team members to describe the right colours and the placement of each brick. I was really pleased to help our team win the challenge." 

Both activities were an enormous amount of fun, during which pupils were able to consider the effectiveness of their communication skills, as well as developing their powers of observation and teamwork.