Report by Mrs Routledge, Teacher of French and Head of Year 11  

Last Wednesday, following the success of the Harry Potter night in the library the previous week, we once again ran our Inter-House Quidditch competition!  

Teams competed in the sports hall with 3 hoops at either end, with cricket stumps between their legs acting as “broomsticks”. Team members chose their roles of either Keeper, Seeker, Beater or Chaser and either sought to score by throwing the “quaffle” through the hoops, went on the attack with “bludgers” or hunted down the “Golden Snitch” (a yellow bib in the possession of a member of staff who ran round the hall at intervals!).  

The Blake rounds with Year 7 started the evening off and the competitors played with great enthusiasm, very much getting stuck into their roles. It was a closely fought contest, with K-Rounds stealing the win in the last seconds with a “Snitch” steal!  

The Inters round between Hawke and Hood was equally closely contested, with Hawke controlling the “quaffle” for most of the game and scoring the most goals. Unfortunately for Hawke, a hat-trick from Hood Nifty Nifflers’ “Seeker” Gabby O, with the “Snitch” being worth 30 points a time, allowed the Nifflers to sneak ahead.  

The senior competition was once again hotly contested and fiercely fought, with “bludgers” being used to great effect, foiling several attempts on goal and at the “Snitch”, but that didn’t prevent the teams from scoring some outstanding goals and some very dramatic “Snitch” catches. Very well done to Hawke Hippogriffs who came out on top!  

The final scores were as below, with Hawke as the overall winners of the competition!  



K-Rounds: 90  

Golden Dragons: 80  

Gorillyndor: 50  



Nifty Nifflers (HD) - 130  

Hagrid's Hawke – 120  



Hawke Hippogriffs: 170  

Nelson Nox: 140  

Hood-and-go-Seek: 90  

Many thanks to Mr Battman, Mr Johnson and Mr Brightwell for their efforts and energy in acting as the Snitch!